Road to ICU


The conference will be held in Science Hall building on the campus of International Christian University (ICU). For travel directions please refer here. Campus map is available here.

Google map for conference venue (Science Hall)
GPS 35.688428, 139.529226

Google map for conference dinner (Dining Hall, Dialogue House)
GPS 35.685465, 139.529523

Coffee breaks will be arranged in Science Hall. Lunch is available from 11 AM to 2 PM in the cafeteria (Dining Hall at the ground floor of Dialogue House) on all conference days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). For lunch payment, you can arrange a prepaid card using a card vending machine, and pay at the automated cashier after finishing your meal by using the prepaid card (procedure: put the tray with the empty dishes on the cashier's tray board, and place the prepaid card on the card reader area; price will be deducted from the card; the dishes contain IC chips with price information). Then you dispose of the tray. Alternately, you can pay in cash before eating your meal by showing your tray at the staff-operated cashier; this may involve a lengthy queue). In either case, please order the meals of your choice first and place them on the tray.

There are convenience stores (Family Mart) and grocery shops (Cadot) [take the right turn outside of the Main Gate, 5 min], and restaurants (Ramen Gutara, Italian Papa Pasta) [go straight from the South Gate, 5 min] outside of campus. It takes about 20 minutes to reach them from the Science Hall.