Road to ICU

Call for Papers

Papers in the following and related areas are solicited

  • Emergence of Cooperation
  • Economy as a Complex System
  • Agent Based Economic Simulation
  • Social Networks
  • Economic and Financial Networks
  • Cryptocurrency Research
  • Econophysics
  • Complex Dynamics
  • Analysis of Wealth and Income Inequality
  • Macroeconomic Tail Risks
  • Experimental Economics
  • Bounded Rationality and Learning
  • Evolutionary Game Theory

In addition to the above brief list of possible topics, we welcome submissions on other topics developing new approaches to modelling Economic Equilibria and Dynamics, and to time series analysis of economic and financial data.

Instructions on final paper submissions of accepted papers for publication will be provided during the conference and sent to the participants in subsequent email. The publication venues currently considered are Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination for selected papers (new review required) and edited volumes by Springer Japan, subject to confirmation.